We are so honoured by the beautiful words sent in to us from our community – thank you so much for sharing!

Here’s what some of our girls have said after attending our previous HQ Getaways:

“Spent an amazing, beautiful weekend surrounded by inspiring and powerful women at @holistichq and their first ever retreat. Yoga, pilates, meditation, delicious vegan feasts at every meal, and most importantly, a chance to pause, reflect and breathe in the wilderness. Cannot thank the girls enough for this much needed weekend getaway! Energized by the picturesque surrounds, people and positive outlook. Life, you can bring it. I’m ready.”

— Chloe, Brunswick, VIC

“I had never joined any sort of wellness weekend prior to my experience with Holistic HQ.  I never expected to leave feeling the way I did. It was such a beautiful experience shared with like-minded, beautiful, inspiring people. It’s important to take time to slow down and stop for a while. I couldn’t recommend a better way to do that. It’s good for the soul and good for the mind.”

— Laura, Fitzroy, VIC

“I was ready for movement, relaxation and nice surroundings. I got all of that and more. I thought I’d be the “odd one out” in amongst a group of yogis and serious health nuts but I loved that I was an equal amongst a group of vibrant women all tackling big things in life and all very “real”. I laughed a lot more than I thought I would!

In a fast paced life, stopping for three days to focus inwardly was just what I needed. I loved spending time with like minded people who were able to laugh, move, exercise and rest together and left the weekend feeling optimistic about the months ahead. I think this is the kind of self care that we all should be doing at least a couple of times a year.”

— Tresna, VIC

“The true heart-warming happiness experienced over the weekend comes flooding back to me when I reflect on the Holistic HQ retreat. If I could tell you about the laughter, insight and relaxation experienced at Amarant in just a paragraph, it wouldn’t truly reflect what it was. so just trust. It actually was different to what I was expecting but in a really great way.

I didn’t expect the great group sessions which resulted in knowledge from so many different wonderful women, I didn’t expect to sweat so much during the yoga session, I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did!! It was everything I didn’t really realise I needed until I walked away feeling like I was inflated, energised and light.”

— Erin, Brisbane, QLD

“Holistic HQ really know how to create a cosy paradise designed to make you chill and shake off the city. Over the course of a weekend, we ate amazing nutritious and delicious meals and snacks (prepared by a talented onsite chef). Drank nothing but the best organic teas and filtered water until we felt brand new again. The yoga and pilates were as much for the body as for the soul. So many laughs and lovely conversations shared with a great group. Thanks for helping me hit the reset button. Thanks Vic, Abs and Laura. Looking forward to the next getaway already!” 

— Alice, South Yarra, VIC

Our HQ Workshops are super popular too! Check out some of the lovely feedback from our last event:

“Positive, energetic, beautiful. The entire day was fantastic. From the moment I arrived I was surrounded by positive energy, great people and a day full of recharging my batteries. I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one.”

— Rebecca, VIC

“When I think about last Sunday’s workshop I just keep smiling and the only one thing I can think is : Good vibes 🙂

I left that workshop better then I arrived to it. The HQ Workshop jumped over my expectations – lots of good energy, met great people, learnt new things, just had time for myself. Thank you. Can’t wait for another one!”

— Aiste, VIC

“It was an amazing workshop, exactly what I needed to get away from the busy city life. During the session, we had amazing yoga and pilates sessions that kept us active throughout the day; inspiring nutrition and sustainability seminar which was very educating and kept us aware of our body and surrounding environment. It really allows us to be mindful and reflect on our life and actions. Really enjoyed the flower arrangement sessions with Petra. We had various types of beautiful flowers, and I could not believe that I made my own flower crowns! Thanks Holistic HQ for arranging such beautiful and much needed urban retreat!”

— Venezia, VIC

“The Holistic HQ one-day workshop was the perfect way to relax, unwind, break a bit from routine without having to travel far. The perfect way to spend a Sunday, with a group of warm, friendly women while taking a little time out to take care of yourself.”

— Liz, VIC

If you’d like to find out about next retreats, workshops or pop-up events, please contact us at hello@holistichq.com.au or sign up to our monthly newsletters here – we’d love to hear from you! xx

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