Nutrition myths busted! (some of them)



Is organic food better than conventional food to eat?

Basically no. There have been copious studies showing eating organic does not increase the nutrition content of the food. With organic food there is a much lesser amount of pesticide residue on the fruit and veges which is great but if you’re like me and cannot justify spending three to five times the amount of your food shop then just focus on packing your basket full of fruits and vegetables first.

Are frozen vegetables good for you?

Of course they are! In fact very shortly after veges (or fruits) are picked they are snap frozen to minus 20 degrees. This retains more nutrients in some fruit and veg compared to ones that has been picked fresh and then transported for thousands of kilometres. Frozen vegetables also reduce food wastage (everyone has that limp spring onion lurking in the fridge). Using frozen fruit and vegetable is better for your purse and the environment due to the less wastage. Don’t be scared to use them in meals as they are great options – frozen peas, frozen mixed veges can quickly go into a frittata and you’ve got your serve of veg sorted.

Aren’t eating eggs bad for cholesterol?

Lots of people are worried about eating eggs as they think they are high in cholesterol. The fact is, dietary cholesterol has very little impact on blood cholesterol levels in the body.  It’s saturated fat which has a much greater impact on your cholesterol.  Having an egg or two a day is totally fine and the Heart foundation recommends eating 6 eggs a week for heart health.  Eggs are high in omega 3 and 11 essential vitamins and minerals so keep enjoying those googy eggs with soldiers.

White sugar is bad…but coconut/rice malt/agave/honey/maple syrup is good!

Sugar is sugar is sugar. There are many so called health gurus out there that will say to swap white sugar for rice malt syrup/maple syrup or coconut sugar.  The fact is theses are all sugars and your body identifies all of the above mentioned sugars as the same.  Some claim that choosing a sugar such as maple syrup is better because it contains minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc, however you would need to consume more than a cup worth of said sugar to get an adequate intake of these minerals.

Coconut oil is the only oil I should be eating and putting on everything

While coconut oil has a place in a balanced diet, don’t forget that is it high in saturated fat. It’s totally fine to consume in small quantities but don’t cover everything you eat in the stuff. Coconut oil cannot perform miracles and it is best to use it as an oil to cook something at a high temperature (since coconut oil has a high smoke point) or a bit of it if you make a raw dessert every once in a while.

Eating carbohydrates will make me fat 

The reality is any excess kilojoules (energy) you consume vs expend will lead to excess weight – not just carbohydrates. Your brain and muscles need carbohydrates to function properly but the key is to eat carbohydrates loaded with fibre. Why is this important? Eating carbohydrates especially of the wholefood type (think oats, barley, quinoa, wholemeal bread, beans etc) contain plenty of fibre which keeps your blood sugar levels consistent, make you feel fuller for longer and as a result you’ll eat less and weigh less, not put on weight. The fibre draws water to it and acts as a broom in your large bowel to make sure your colon is healthy and keeping cancer causing cells at bay. So carbs don’t make you fat, you need them for your body to function properly.


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