HQ MUSE // Stacey Irving, Stacey Leanne Massage


Our gorgeous friend Stacey Irving has joined our HQ team as our resident Massage Therapist, specialising in remedial and relaxation massage, as well as trigger point and pregnancy.

In her words, “It is my belief that touch and connection have an incredibly powerful impact on our physical and emotional states, relieving muscle tension, soothing pain, improving circulation and even treating certain medical conditions. It also brings about a sense of calm and quiet that is so important in all our lives.”

We asked Stacey five little questions to help you get to know your new favourite masseuse a little better…

1. What’s your favourite things in your market basket?

Chickpeas… really, is there anything they cannot do? Delicious dips, curries, roasted as snacks – the list goes on…

2. What would you request as your last meal?

Contrary to the previous question – a whole bowl of chocolate coated ginger…. bliss!

3. What’s your version of a lazy Sunday?

Friends, pots of tea, laughter, silly conversations, deep conversations, trees, hugs (with friends or trees), naps.

4. What’s number one on your bucket list? Do you see yourself fulfilling it?

Stop feeling too intimidated to be friendly to strangers! People of Melbourne, let’s chat on public transport, when in lines at the store, when waiting for our take away coffees.

Will I fulfill this dream… yep, one awkward smile/chat with a stranger at a time!

5. When does time stand still for you?

Lying in the afternoon sun after being inside all day – I swear it heals the soul ❤

You can book in for 1 hour or 30 min massage with Stacey by contacting her directly at staceyleannemassage@gmail.com – she’s available for sessions at her home in Brunswick or for mobile massage across Melbourne’s inner city suburbs.


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