NEW GROUP! — Cover Me Pilates

cover me pilates

>> I have to admit, I’ve always felt a little frustrated at the limited number of people on the covers list at the places I’ve worked – hardly ever up to date, with only a few people on call and with timeslots almost always clashing. Something’s gotta give, right?

So, here it is! I’m so happy to announce that we’ve launched a group for Pilates Instructors across Australia, seeking class covers, last-minute stand-ins, and temporary teachers. This Facebook group provides all Pilates folk a free page for advertising opportunities in your networks, including Reformer, Studio, Matwork and Barre (and everything in between – yogis also welcome to share!).


When posting, please outline dates, times and locations, as well as rates and pre-requisites. Thank you so much for your interest in joining our little network, and please feel free to share the link with other instructors!


With love,

V xx

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